Can You Have Casual Sex Without Feelings

casual-sex-dating-1While casual sex may sound like a great idea, it’s not for everyone. There are a good deal of people who aren’t comfortable with emotionless relations. But just because you’re used to having a relationship doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the change of casual sex. The same could be said in reverse. It all depends on how you’re feeling about the situation and the person. It’s all about going with the flow and having a great time. If you’re someone who can relax and let things happen, casual sex is definitely something you should consider. If you’re someone who has a hard time letting go and giving into situations, you’re not likely to enjoy casual sex.

Let’s evaluate some of the ways that you can keep emotions out of your casual sex life.

1. Give Into The Moments

As mentioned, the biggest part of casual sex is just giving into the moments and letting things happen. You want to let each moment lead wherever it wants to go. You want to give into body rhythm and animal passions. You want to give into desires. You don’t want to over think or consider the out come too much. You’ll ruin what could be a beautiful moment by thinking about the moments after.

2. Strongly Consider & Evaluate Yourself

You know yourself better than anyone else. Anyone can give you generic statements about casual sex, but at the end of the day only you will know if it’s right for you. If you’ve never tried it, you probably should before ruling it off your list of possibilities. It might open a whole new world for you that you would have never otherwise considered. If you’re the type of person who gets attached easily, you’re really going to want to consider avoiding casual encounters. A person who is looking for casual relations doesn’t want to feel like someone is expecting more of them.

3. Be Open

You have to be open and honest with your interests and intentions. You can’t dance around what you’re looking for. Casual sex requires a little more of a out going person because it’s a very upfront activity. You have to set ground rules with your hook up. There doesn’t have to be a lot of dialogue to do this. It can be in the moments as they’re happening and not ahead of time. But, most importantly, you want to set boundaries for yourself. Avoid getting attached by reminding yourself what you’re doing and why.

4. The Right Reasons

You don’t want to get involved in casual sex for the wrong reasons. These reasons range from making someone jealous to avoiding attachment to another person. The right reason to get into casual sex is for the fun of it. For the relaxing and attachment free relations. To satisfy your basic needs in a primal way. Casual sex is a way of enjoying yourself. If you’ve got other motives or hidden intentions, you’re going to rob yourself of that same enjoyment.

Whether or not you can have casual sex without feelings is entirely up to you. It’s a matter of what you’re really looking for and what you really want.

A Guide To Hook Ups

casual-sex-dating-2If you’re new to the age of “hook ups”, you may not know what to do. You may have no idea where to start, or where to go from the start point. The biggest thing is that many people have misconceptions about hooking up in the first place. Really, all it’s about is following your basic human desires and having fun. It’s not that complicated. As long as you’re up for a good time, you’ll do just fine.

That being said, there are of course some guidelines that can be given to you. These are particularly helpful if you’re new to the scene. If you’ve had the occasional hook up, you might want to consider scanning this list as well. It might give you pointers.

The first thing that needs to be said is that you need to relax. If you’re feeling bad about wanting a hook up, you should know that it’s totally normal. You’re likely nervous about approaching it, but try not to be. There are many people who are looking for a good time and nothing more. You won’t be judged for wanting the same thing. You don’t want to worry too much because your nerves will likely shift to anxiety. You might start second guessing yourself. You’re not going to have a good time if you’re worrying too much. So leave your worries at the door.

Before you meet your potential hook up, you want to make sure that you’re clean and presentable. You don’t have to go all out, like a makeover or full body waxing. But make sure your hair is clean. Your teeth are brushed. Make sure your clothes don’t have stains or tears. You want to look good and make a good impression. The most important part you want to tend to is your private area. After all, the date is really about that anyway. It should be inviting. You’ll also want to dress comfortably. You don’t want to spend the night out in an outfit that doesn’t fit right. You want the ability to move around easily. You don’t know the course the night is going to take. It’s impossible to predict. Be on the safe side and wear something you enjoy.

After you’ve met up and talked a bit, go somewhere private. You don’t want to be caught in the act by family or roommates, right? That might be embarrassing for both you and your hook up. You also want to be somewhere safe and comfortable. It would be unfortunate to have your hook up ruined by an in-conducive environment. Now, getting caught in public by strangers is a different story. But that’s up to the two of you and what you’re both comfortable with. There can be a real thrill in the risk of getting caught.

That brings us to the final point: Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. You still have the right to say no. You also have the right to talk away. If your hook up is pushing your personal boundaries, walk away. You can always find someone else who is going to respect when you say “no” or “stop”. If you change your mind half way through, you are allowed to say so. You don’t have to feel guilty or obligated to continue.

Again, the main purpose of hooking up is to have fun. So make sure you’re having fun. As long as you’re both enjoying yourself, that’s all that really matters.

5 Steps To Getting Casual Sex Right

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There’s a wide misconception about casual sex that it’s easy. Many people believe that no work has to be put into the process and it just happens. A simple text or website message and you’re in bed together. But there’s more to it than just the idea. It takes effort, like everything else. Granted, it’s not the same amount of effort as trying to impress a future wife or husband. But it still takes some amount of appealing to the other person.

1. The first step you’ve got to take when you’re setting up a connection is being nice. Even if you’re only planning for a one time encounter, you don’t want to leave a negative impression. You don’t want the other person to feel used, abused, then tossed away. You don’t have to get flowers or anything, but at least take the time to make the other person feel appreciated. This can be as simple as telling them how much you enjoyed meeting them the morning after. You also don’t want to be jerk after you’re finished hooking up. If it’s the middle of the night or early in the AM, don’t kick the person out. Let them crash. Even if it’s not what you had in mind. It’s polite. If you’re at their house and you want to sneak out, that’s up to you. But make sure you’re leaving a note. Again, a simple “it was nice to meet you” is good enough.

2. You’re also going to want to be honest. Let’s be realistic. You don’t want to lie to someone and say you’re looking for more than you are. It won’t take them long to figure out you were lying. Again, your hook up would only end up feeling used and abused. In fact, more so because they’d feel like they were mislead by false pretences. Honesty goes a long way. If the person you’re interested isn’t looking for the same thing as you, you can just move on. No harm, no foul.

3. The best part about casual sex is that you can forget all about having a “real connection” with someone. You can focus on animal attraction. You can focus on how they make you feel as a chemical reaction. But, many people tend to still consider compatibility. This won’t serve you any good with a casual hook up. You need to ditch romantic emotions and nurture your basic human instinct. You shouldn’t feel guilty or worry about the repercussions, either. If you’re both having fun and no one is getting hurt, that is all that matters.

4. You can never be too safe, regardless of the level of intimacy. This means condoms. You may also want to do a little recon work and drop hints about previous encounters. If your hook up doesn’t always wear protection, you might second guess what you’re doing in bed with them. You’ll want to use a lot of common sense when it comes to your safety. You don’t want to end up with some sort of disease from a one night stand. Especially if you didn’t even get their name.

5. On that note, take advantage of your hook up not knowing what you’re normally like. Be experimental and have a little fun. As long as both parties consent, of course.

The whole point of casual sex is to fill your basic human needs without any attachments.

7 Facts About Casual Sex Dating That Will Impress Your Friends

In a world of sexual escapades or “sexcapades”, are you ready for encounters of the casual kind? Do you feel you’re up to it? Would you like to know more about it, enough to both influence and impress your friends?

Well, one thing that characterizes casual sex dating is casual intimacy. Simply defined, this means that you can choose to be sexually intimate with another person without feeling any love or forming an attachment. Impulses and emotions become separate from each other. For instance, there is lust on one hand, love on the other, and they don’t mingle – at least not in the bed when casual sex dating occurs.

The sexual business woman in underwear on red sofa

If you are having second thoughts about casual sex dating, then fear no more! Here are the first few things you and your friends ought to know in order to get your act together:

Fact #1: First and foremost, it’s a fact that knowledge is power. Thus, know thyself. Know your dating preference. It’s your personal choice. Would you go for a no-strings-attached type of relationship or a friends-with-benefits type of arrangement? By definition, these terms often tend to overlap with each other and they both involve casual sex.

Fact #2: Any which way you look at it, casual sex dating has already become an accepted, acceptable way of life. Thus, the next thing to do would be to figure out if you can embrace the idea of casual sex dating as a lifestyle. This may involve a lifestyle change, especially if you used to associate intimacy with exclusivity.

Fact #3: Whether you’re a man or a woman, you may feel differently about casual sex dating. Free sex is quite an enjoyable experience, but would you as an individual be prepared to go ahead with it? Are you built to emotionally endure the fact that getting involved with each other does not necessarily mean being committed exclusively to each other?

Fact #4: In the event that it happens, would you be prepared for the possibility that you might develop feelings for each other? This compromises relationships, even in the most casual of arrangements. And yet, you must come to terms with the fact that your feelings may or may not be reciprocated.

Fact #5: All things considered, when you’re good and ready, then pick out a dating site which suits your need! Usually, the option to casually sex-date is placed discreetly along a website’s side bars or columns. Sometimes, these online hook-up sites are also headlined by banners which say “Casual Sex Dates” or “Casual Sex Dating Only.” This throws the red flag up that you’re here for the sex and nothing more.

Fact #6: In line with #5, be clear about your intentions. Don’t leave the other party second-guessing whether you’re in for a commitment or not. If you’re not a commitment type of guy or gal, just be upfront and straightforward. If you’re bi, gay, or straight, come out in the open and be honest about it.

Fact #7: Once you’re in, it’s so possible to set yourself up for moments of bliss. Within minutes of logging into a dating site, you could already be interacting with people. No commitment and no promises, you are simply two people trying to get to know each other better.
At the moment, you could be dating other people but this does not pose any hindrance at all.
Ending on this note, the term “casual sex dating” will continue to be defined and redefined through time. It doesn’t end here, because who knows? Something new may come up again to redefine its meaning, and you’ll have more facts to share and discuss with your closest friends.

How Low Can Casual Sex Dating Go?

casual-sex-dating-3There’s a new norm of behaving when you’re dating a partner, and it’s known as casual sex dating. It’s one that offers you more freedom when it comes to dating options. You can opt to have the pleasure of getting to know someone first before you date them, and then you can have the added pleasure of meeting up for the purpose of one and only thing: sex.

At the start, casual sex dating can be such a pleasurable experience! You may experience a sexual high over the number and variety of dates you encounter to the nth power, such that the potential to enjoy sex becomes so limitless – or so it seems…

On the downside, there are certain lows which you could encounter when you engage for long in casual sex dating. Just how low can casual sex dating go? Let’s find out!

1. Casual sex dating changes you. It can change your perception about things like love, romance, and intimacy until they’re all muddled up.

2. On the home front, it may result in conflicts between you and your family. The behavior of casual sex dating and sex meet-ups can’t help but meet the disapproval of your parents and elders.

3. Likewise, it may contradict your core values and moral beliefs. It can cause you to be ostracized by the very society or culture you belong to, with the end result that you could be considered a social outcast or pariah.

4. Casual sex dating also goes as low as your partner lying about taking a pill or using a contraceptive. Trusted as condoms are, condom breaks do happen by accident and they too can result in unprotected sex and pregnancy.

5. In line with unprotected sex, you could also contract STD from a casual partner. Casual as the relationship is, it would be difficult to trace the source or even to trace the person once communication has stopped.

6. Furthermore, just how down-in-the-dumps can it get? Well, once contact stops, you might feel like you’ve just been dumped, simply because you’ve formed an emotional attachment to a person whom you weren’t supposed to.

7. At worst, your partner could be dishonest about his or her intentions. Thus, in the end, you could feel used and abused, simply because you were led to believe one thing and you were treated differently.

8. Lower than low, casual sex dating could go beyond the norm. You (or your partner) could develop an emotional addiction to the habit or to the person. Like a drug, casual sex can be habit-forming, one that can transform into abnormal, obsessive behavior.

9. Get involved with the wrong person, and he or she could lead you on! Sex becomes the reward for good behavior. At the same time, sex can be withheld for the purpose of control or manipulation. Hot one moment and cold the next, you never really know where you stand such that you’re constantly grasping at straws.

10. Lastly, you lose your grasp on reality when you’re always on a sexual euphoria. You might lose interest in your job, in being with your family & friends, and with life in general.
These are only some of the many problems and perils that come with casual sex dating. Centered on sex which theoretically involves no emotions but nonetheless evolves into feelings, you’re still in for a lot of drama and heartache – but only if you let it go this low…

Why Extramarital Affairs Are The 51st Shade Of Grey

casual-sex-dating-4If extramarital affairs were simple, then a greater majority of married men and women would have more than a wandering eye. You’d be more encouraged to give in to your lustful desires, unmindful of other people’s expectations.

But then again, an extramarital affair can be quite complicated. Neither black nor white, it’s a shade too uncertain and beyond other people’s comfort zone. On the superlative, it could be reminiscent of those clandestine meetings you’ve read about in Fifty Shades of Grey. Like the characters Christian and Ana, you’d find these clandestine meet-ups a bit exciting, a bit scary, all because you never know what to expect from one meet-up to the next.

All of these happen in private, as you just can’t afford to be too exposed in public. You are lovers who shy away from the public eye and prefer not be in the limelight. This allows you to have your own private tryst, free from the probing eyes and ears of others. This renders you free to do the unimaginable, instead of conforming to what’s expected of you.

1But what can you expect from an extramarital affair that’s a level above Fifty Shades of Grey? Before any of you get a rude awakening, here’s what every clandestine lover needs to know:

1. Such an erotic affair requires you to choose your new partner carefully. Be wise in making a selection. Take time to get to know and assess a potential candidate. Although many may have the body and appeal for it, not everyone has that “it” factor for being singled out.

2. Part of the assessment means to ponder whether you’d be better off with someone who’s young and single, or with someone who’s older but just as attached as you are. Obviously, the latter presents less complications since you’re in for a no-strings-attached type of relationship.

3. It prompts you to set your own rules. You must define the relationship as to how you want it to be. Will be it be a purely sexual and non-romantic one? Who will be dominant, and who will be submissive? Are you open to spanking and other sadomasochistic behavior? What bed scenes and sex tricks are you willing to play? As a whole, determine how intimately you want to get involved, if at all.

4. Remember: It’s not a verses-and-roses type of romance you’ve signed up for. Every now and then, you may be gifted lavishly with unusual surprises and exotic toys but that’s as far as it goes. Don’t forget: You’re dealing with a master at seduction who definitely knows his or her game.

5. Expect that, eventually, you too may tire of playing the power game. You may find out that you’re not compatible after all, and this brings the affair to an end as it was meant to be.

6. At the beginning and end of any clandestine affair, you observe a silent rule that you’re forbidden to discuss anything about it. Fair enough, right? Remember: You lose out when you reveal too much to the wrong people. It could devastate another person or lead to someone’s untimely divorce.

7. Finally, there’s the issue of attachment. Not set in stone or totally in black and white, there’s a grey area to extramarital affairs which few people tend to acknowledge, and that’s the possibility of falling in love. It would be a whole lot simpler if neither fell for the other, but things like these happen unexpectedly. Not as simple as you first thought it to be, that’s when an extramarital affair gets all too complicated…

Extramarital Affairs In 10 Easy Steps

have-an-affair-1Are you seriously contemplating an extramarital affair on the side? If you are, then you’re in for a very tricky situation! First of all, there’s no room for error. It’s a cloak-and-dagger game of masking your own indiscretions perfectly by being at your most discreet. In 10 easy steps, here’s the art of how:

1. As a force of habit, most spouses are critical about the time you spend away from home or the time you’re supposed to be home but seem to drift elsewhere. Thus, be careful about constantly being away or unreachable through phone. Don’t be too careless about time that’s unaccounted for.

2. Be creative. Don’t be complacent with your excuses. It’s the way by which the guys of Brokeback Mountain got so easily caught – by staying with the same, old excuse of going on a fishing trip but never bringing home some trout. This really opened a can of worms no one wanted to touch or even deal with at that time…

3. If you’re going to cheat online, you might as well be internet-savvy. Have a secret account which you and you alone know about. Keep your user name and password all to yourself. Never, under any circumstance, reveal this to your partner or even to a buddy.

4. Screen the phonebook names, calls, and messages on your mobile phone. Like what if your spouse comes across a kinky message or a sexy photo by mistake? Mistakes can be costly especially when they’re evidence of heavy sexting going on!

5. Double-check your attire for any signs of physical contact. It may be as obvious as lipstick marks on your shirt and the fragrance (or stink) of strange perfume on your person. By leaving signs, you already lay the bait for a partner who already might be fishing for information.

6. Also, empty your pockets before you hang your coat in the closet or put your pants in the laundry. It’s as good as being caught with your pants down when your spouse accidentally finds evidence putting you at a hotel or paying for an escort service.

7. Better yet, go paperless! Don’t leave a paper trail in the wake of all your extramarital flings. Specifically, throw away all receipts, quick! These receipts include charges for hotel rooms, restaurants, and vacations as well as purchases of gifts, flowers, and sex toys.

8. Take charge of your finances. At all times, use cash instead of credit. In other words, use separate funds to finance your extramarital activities. Never, ever use the same credit line for purchasing your lover’s Victoria’s Secret lingerie as the one used by your wife for buying her Costco or Tesco groceries.

9. Not to deflate your ego, but avoid boasting with devilish glee about all your conquests – not even to your closest mates. Extramarital affairs are best kept as private as possible. Being candid and open about it even to the most understanding of friends could become good as an admission, one that will rebound on you later.

10. Lastly, be careful not to name names when you’re put on the spot or together in bed. In the heat of the moment, you just might call your spouse by somebody else pet’s name. Adding insult to injury, that’s when all hell breaks loose!

Miss any of these 10 steps, and you’re damned to serious mistakes with consequences. Flings have a way of revealing evidence that can be flung back at you. Sorry but evidence can be such a game-ender! As proof of your infidelity, it will cause you and your spouse (or somebody else’s spouse) the unnecessary shame, hurt, and agony that you’ve always wanted to avoid in the first place.

5 Things You Don’t Want To Hear About Sex Meets

Always, you hear about sex meets as private encounters which are sexy and exciting. Aside from featuring personal ads for hot, horny men and women, they also cater to a specific dating preference like BBW, MILF, GILF, etc. And although such terms can be very suggestive of what you’re soon going to get, they don’t reveal much about the person you’re talking to or the one you’ll be meeting.

Thus, the idea of succeeding at sex meets does not rest alone on not being discovered. Out of discreetness, no one’s that foolish to want to get caught or compromised.  But, other than there being no proof to discover, part of the bargain is also that of being prepared for what you might uncover.


Now, as to what you might uncover, it’s more a matter of who! Here’s the whole effing truth, whether you want to hear it or not:

1. Someone who will not reveal much about themselves.

On one hand, you just might be dealing with someone who prefers to keep his or her affairs private. With all that’s happening online and in social media, a person just can’t be faulted for wanting to be evasive and elusive.

On the other hand, don’t let the other party be too mysterious for too long. After all, some secrets are too deep and dark for your own good. Why fall victim to being all bound and gagged in secrecy when you can protect yourself through basic alertness and awareness?

2. Someone who loves to lead a double life.

Venues for sex meets are not only full of double talk; they’re also filled with people leading double lives. There are bored housewives and lonely husbands wanting a little more excitement in their mundane, married life. There are couples who consent to sharing and swapping their spouse.

Thus, with the advent of consensual dating, think again! You can never be too complacent that the person you’re talking to at the other end of the line is certifiably single and alone.

3. Someone who has set out to seduce you.

When you sign up for a sex meet, you’re not really sure that the other party is just a random stranger looking for some fun and adventure. Again, not all are simply lonely and bored to death. There are also those who livened up by a particular fetish, one of which is to seduce. And since you’re up against a master at seduction, be prepared not to lose more than you can freely give.

4. Someone to be suspicious about.

Since you’re doing something suspicious in society’s eyes, then you might as well think as the opposite side would do. Think as your boyfriend would (if you’re attached) or as your prospective partner would (if he’s/she’s married). If you are as suspicious of your own activities, your alibis and excuses will be flawless.

5. Someone who could be dangerous.

With your blinders on, of course you’d like to think that every adult dating site is a safe and welcoming environment for people like you. After all, you are like-minded people converging on the same site for the same purpose.

It’s good if everybody yearns for that kind of connection too. But then again, reality tells you there are prowlers everywhere on the web. You could fall prey to predators, prostitution, identity theft, online scams, and other unsavory activities which promise nothing of the sweet, steaming sex you dream of.

Thus, do your research and consider potential threats. Exercise caution in all your activities. Be dating-smart! Only then can you outsmart these truths – truths you didn’t want to hear about sex meets but which you might uncover anyway…

How To Cheat At Sex Meets And Get Away With It

have-an-affair-2How easy can it be to cheat your through way through sex meets? How easily can you deceive an unsuspecting spouse and get away with a secret affair? They say it’s relatively easy, too easy in fact, when the other party – meaning, the party you’re married too – is much too dense to sense that something’s going on.

In this particular article, however, we’re not going to talk about “cheating” in terms of deceiving your spouse. Instead, we’re going to discuss “cheating” as a means of fast-tracking your way through sex meets and getting away with it.

Yes, it’s true that there’s already some deception going on in sex meets if you’re married and attached. But if you’re officially single and available, then no harm done and you’re good to go! So, for you out there, here are some tips which you’d better write down in your personal dating cheatbook:

1. If you’re meeting somebody for the first time – be it online or in person – how exactly do you pull it off? How do you achieve a successful meet-up wherein you hook up online and then meet for sex? The key is to get to know someone before you meet in person. You can never be too careful these days – that is if you want your dating days to last for years.

2. But right here and now, what about if you want to cheat your way to getting someone’s phone number or to them agreeing on a date? This, too, can be done in a manner that’s smooth and suave. It can’t be forced but it can be facilitated just by getting into a stimulating conversation.

3. In starting a conversation, never use pick up lines which sound too desperate. They place you in an awkward moment wherein a woman could choose to ignore you or walk away. Instead, begin with an opening line that allows a woman to let her guard down. This is what being “disarming” is all about.

4. Next, talk in a manner that’s smart yet casual. This means being neither too shy nor too pushy. For a start, it never hurts to say “hi” with a grin or a smile. Break the ice by frankly saying: “Hi! I noticed you from across the dance floor and I thought it would be good to come over and say hello.” From here, you can follow through by giving your name and asking for hers.

5. Once it has started, the key is to keep the conversation going. Within the first five minutes of talking to each other, you’ll have a pretty good idea on whether or not you’ll be compatible.

6. Continue to keep him or her interested. Whether you’re the one pursuing or the one being pursued, it’s time to capture their interest and keep them captivated. Especially when your sex meets start online, it’s important to sustain someone’s interest and attention.

7. Leave a lasting impact. These days, you know you’ve left some impact on a conversation when people like what you say, comment on your stories, or share their own experiences. Thus, the fastest and easiest means to cheat your way into sex meets is to be a likeable person.

8. From being properly introduced to being liked, you can then proceed to contacting and being contacted. Surely, you won’t meet eyeball to eyeball unless you’ve got each other’s phone number or email address.

Smoothly yet swiftly, see how you’ve “cheated” your way from casual conversation to a higher level of trust. But like it or not, you’ll need to brush up on some social skills before you can show your sexual prowess. With the conversation (albeit: teasing, flirting) moving along, it’s not far off that you’ll soon move to the kissing and touching part – the part you like best!

7 Myths Uncovered About No Strings Sex

In debunking the myths about no strings sex, you’re in for a reality check! This dating arrangement isn’t meant those who are hooked on happily-ever-afters and fairy tale endings. It’s not for those who entertain false notions and half truths about life. But the open-ended premise is that a no-strings-attached relationship may just surprise you yet! You just might come out happier than you bargained for, if you first knew well what you were getting into.

3Myth #1: No strings sex is a no-rules relationship.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about NSA, you must understand what it means and how it works. As a first rule of engagement, it is not a real relationship but a purely sexual one. It is geared towards gratifying your needs without making promises.

Always with the possible danger of getting “carried away”, you’ve got to watch where your thoughts and feelings might go. As a general rule, keep your feelings detached and avoid falling hopelessly in love.

Myth #2: The ties grow stronger as the relationship goes longer.

Not to burst your bubble but this isn’t necessarily so. The mere fact that it’s called unconditional sex implies that there are no conditions, no expectations, and no commitments!
Because much of the communication is confined and limited to sex, don’t expect heart-to-heart talks late at night. So forget the pillow talk and find your own place to stay!

Myth #3: Sleeping together is the same as sleeping over.

Definitely, one rule of thumb most partners observe is that there’ll be no sleepovers, period. Why? Come to think of it, sleeping together fosters bonding behaviors in bed like hugging, cuddling, and yes, even spooning.

Sure. You may be asked to come over to his or her place, but you won’t necessarily be asked to sleep over. The most you can grab is a few winks. But after you’ve caught a nap, better catch on to the hint that says “Sorry, baby, but it’s time to go…”

Myth #4: You can jump into bed with anyone you fancy.

For the longest time, no strings sex has been viewed as shagging with no conditions. Nowadays, however, people are becoming more selective and discriminating in their tastes. Now spread out across different interests and age brackets, it has become part of an activity reserved for like-minded adults and this is known as adult dating.

Myth #5: All women who engage in NSA are easy.

Whereas casual sex dating used to take a back seat, it is now at the forefront of most dating behavior. In short, it has become acceptable. This is quite a contrast to the past wherein such behavior could make you notorious for a reputation of being easy or promiscuous. But then again, it never was that easy for a girl whom others could so quickly generalize as cheap and negatively brand a slut.

Myth #6: A no-strings-attached relationship assures you of protection.

On most occasions, no strings sex protects you from the dangers of having sexual relations with someone you don’t know. As a result, you feel safer and more secure. It does not give you full protection, however, from the risks of pregnancy and STD. You still have to rely on each other for protected sex, lest a period gets missed and a baby gets conceived.

Myth#7: No one gets hurt in a no-strings-attached relationship.

This is so untrue. Some friends who become sex buddies do end up snubbing and hating each other for life! So, without any illusions, your primary goal is to casually date and have fun. This goal becomes self-defeating when you go beyond the border and start wanting more. Bound to get hurt when you one-sidedly fall in love, it’s a downhill ride in which you could end up being an emotional wreck.

So, if you want to keep a no-strings-attachment relationship uphill all the way, be the first to rise and bounce back! You’ll only be in for a bumpy ride if you insist on putting more meaning to an arrangement that just is that: no strings sex.