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Why Do People Think NSA Sex Is A Good Idea?

have-an-affair-3Come to think of it, NSA sex isn’t such a bad idea! On the contrary, it’s a relatively good one, depending on what the dating menu is and what’s in store for you. We refer to dating as a menu because it gives you choices and options. And nowadays, one of your delectable options is that you get to have your cake and eat it too!

Becoming Friends With Benefits

There comes a time when you might choose to cross the friend zone. It does happen between friends, and it becomes a sexual companionship between two adults who understand each other. Due to your mutual needs, the arrangement does not only remain friendly and satisfying; it also becomes sexually gratifying!


The Makings of A Sex Buddy

Once you begin to hook up with friends, you create in each other a sex buddy. A sex buddy is a friend who’s convenient to hook up with at leisure or based on your hectic schedule. He or she will not get in the way of your job deadline, your sports event, or your college exams.

Usually, you begin as friends who hang out together and spent time at each other’s pad. Once or twice a week, it’s usually time spent watching TV, eating pizza, or playing games. If the relationship stays fun, it makes the transition to sex once or twice a month. This arrangement can go on feasibly for the next few months, depending on your rapport and chemistry with each other.

Opting Not To Fall In Love

A ground rule for no-strings-attached sex is that a couple must detach their emotional feelings from their physical needs. As a couple but not quite one, you’ll be enjoying the sex without falling in love. And at the moment, that can be a good idea!

Usually, a problem arises when a woman or even a man becomes unable to detach his or her feelings. In other words, you start to develop feelings of attachment like care, affection, and heaven forbid, love…

Freeing Yourself From Co-Dependency

To avoid such complications, the whole idea of NSA sex is to experience all the highs and lows of a sexual relationship without feeling tied down. Thus, for a hookup to be headache-free, the technique’s to avoid co-dependency. Otherwise, the guy starts to get jealous; the girl starts to be possessive. The guy wants her time to be his exclusively; the girl wants his attention to be hers exclusively. We can go on and on about how this cycle of dependency becomes vicious to the point that you can’t eat, think, sleep, or function anymore, but by now you get the idea.

This is probably the reason why NSA sex works for some but not for everybody. Especially if you’re the jealous or insecure type, a no-strings-attached type of relationship would be too much to handle. The tricky part’s that the more you hold on tight to it, the more it needs to be let go of once and for all. And yet, the more you’re laidback and loose about it, the more it comes back to you for many second servings. Let that be a food-for-thought!

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