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How No Strings Attached Sex Makes You A Better Person

It does? Well, yes, No Strings Attached (NSA) Sex does make you a better person!
Without playing games, let’s get straight to the point: The trouble with focusing too much on love and romance is that you keep waiting for the right person instead of being with the right person. Potentially, in any partner’s mind, the right one would basically be reasonable, undemanding, and accepting of who you are. And since NSA sex brings out all three qualities in you, it inevitably makes you a better person.

What’s more, here’s how else NSA can make you and your life better:

2No Waiting Around

A no-strings-attached type of relationship is ideal for couples who can’t wait to have sex until they’re married. Likewise, there’ll be no waiting around in the middle of the night for an errant boyfriend to arrive. On the flipside, there’ll also be no waiting around for an indefinite period of time until you pass your girlfriend’s “test” and make it to the next level – that of kissing or holding hands.

No Commitments

Fear no more, because an NSA arrangement spares you from the commitment phobia. Unfortunately, we are probably in a generation of commitment-phobic people. These are people who are not ready for a long-term commitment and, at the same time, believe that the next best thing is just around the corner. These are people who don’t want to talk about marriage and kids just yet. If you are one of them, then you’re honest enough to admit that you’re on a relationship level but not yet on a commitment level. You’d like to pursue something more, while fulfilling your basic need on a sexual level.

No Expectations

Tell us: How often has it happened that you’ve freaked somebody out with your expectations? Time and again, maybe you’ve sabotaged your own happiness by demanding much, seeking more, or asking for things prematurely. Without pre-empting how a couple’s dynamics will turn out, no strings sex accepts the circumstances and allows the relationship to develop. Again, it just lets you be.

No Anonymous Encounters

Being into NSA helps you ease into an arrangement that’s comfortable and familiar. Far safer than anonymous sexual encounters with strangers, it lowers the risk of contracting infectious disease. It also prevents you from venturing into the unknown with someone you know little to nothing about.

No Dependent Behavior

In a way, NSA’s an assertion that you’re more independent and less dependent. You’re not as emotionally dependent anymore on a significant other for self-affirmation. Thus, you’re able to maintain your own work schedule and manage to squeeze in some free time. You make your own decisions where your personal goals come first. You live your life the way you want it without any guilt or pressure caused by someone else’s neediness.

No Emotional Baggage

Much to your relief, there’s no emotional baggage loaded on the relationship. You know you don’t have the right to burden each other with your unresolved problems and concerns. You refuse to entertain romantic thoughts or feelings about each other. Thus, both of you become better at being logical and mature enough to deal with your emotions.

Almost but not quite the relationship you’re looking for, such a temporary setup prepares you for the possibility that, at the right time and the right place, you just might meet the right person who will change the entire ballgame… And since you now know better, you’ll still be unattached and available by then!

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