Every now and again, you’ll meet a girl that has exactly the same expectations out of dating as you do. She’ll understand the concept of sex without emotions and being able to sleep together without having to actually sleep together. If you get what I mean…

Every now and again, you’ll come across a girl just like me. Let’s just say that I am closer to 30 than I am 20, and after being married for a brief spell in my early twenties, I realised that long-term relationships are not for me. None of that monogamy crap, anyway. It was then that I dived headfirst into the world of casual sex dating and I’ll be honest; I’ve not looked back since.

I’ve met a lot of men – different men. Men that I would never have met if I had been doing my thing with men I weren’t that interested in. I’ve been to restaurants I would never have eaten in. I’ve been to charming hidden hotels I would never have thought twice about. I’ve explored parts of the world I didn’t even realise I wanted to see. That’s what casual sex dating has done for me – what could it do for you?

It’s not just overly sexed dirty old men or childish young lads that casual-sex date. It’s all walks of life – it could even be someone you work with, or someone you regularly drink with at the local bar. It’s a new kind of dating, and it’s still a rather taboo subject, but more people are doing it than you first may have realised.

I’m a “normal” kind of person. I go to work, I come home to my one-bedroom flat that I rent with my cat. I go out for drinks with friends at the weekend, and have my hair cut once every six weeks. I’m just a regular kind of person – I’m neither seedy, overly sexed, or desperate, yet I casually date. If I’m doing it, maybe you should be too.

You’ll learn a lot about life, sex, and the world when you decided to jump into a casual sex kind of lifestyle. Your sexual world will definitely open up as you ponder over different men (or women!), and learn new things, new ways, new methods to get someone else off in the bedroom… as well as yourself!

I’ve learned plenty of things about my body, and how it can work when played by the right hands. I’ve learned how to find and use that elusive g-spot, thanks to a very nice guy that I met in a bar a few weeks back. I’m hoping to keep him in my little black book of contacts, but if not, I think I should be able to teach the fireman I started casually sleeping with a year or so ago. That’s the thing about casual sex – you don’t need to go bed-hopping, or bouncing from man to man. You can carry on doing your thing with the same person every friday night if you wanted to.

The choice is in your hands!


Lara xxx