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The Dummies’ Guide To NSA Sex

hookups-1Maybe, it needs to be said: If you look at love, sex, and romance through rose-colored glasses, then you’d be such a dummy to get into NSA Sex. A No-Strings-Attached (NSA) type of relationship just isn’t going to work for someone who can’t hack the idea of casual sex dating and open relationships.

But what if you’re all too interested in no-commitment sex and don’t feel like such a dummy for wanting it? Then, this article is for you and it will serve as your beginner’s guide. Up close and personal, our survival kit will tell what a no-strings-attached relationship is and what it’s all about.

1. The relationship is casual. Light and casual as the relationship is, it’s a good opportunity, a great experience, but not a top priority! As men and women playing the field, you get the chance to explore the wonders of sex without being seriously involved. With no rights or wrongs about it, it just happens to be one of the ways by which adult dating is done today.

2. The relationship is non-exclusive. In a non-exclusive relationship, there are no fixed partners and no long-term ties. From casual sex dating, you can jump headlong into a one-night stand or progress into no-strings-attached sex. The latter means seeing each other once or twice a month purely for the fun and the sex of it.

3. The relationship is unconditional. There are no conditions or contracts which bind you to the relationship. Thus, you are not in a position to expect fidelity and monogamy from each other. Besides, there can be no attachments since one of you or both of you might already be very much attached. And because the relationship is non-exclusive, you can still continue dating someone else when you decide to call the arrangement off.

4. The relationship is open. A relationship can be open in the sense that there are no secrets to hide or be ashamed of. You are frank about your past relationships and have no desire for a present relationship. You are honest about your sexual experience, the extent of which you and your friend will benefit from. In other words, you have no scruples about wanting nothing more than sex.

5. The relationship is purely sexual. It’s a purely carnal arrangement in which you can see yourself as satisfied. Thus, without serious, constant dating in the picture any longer, you can choose to see each other occasionally and get involved casually. Less of a relationship and more of an arrangement, you’re conveniently one text or phone call away from getting laid.
Remember: In order to survive an NSA arrangement, there’s clearly no room for insecurity or jealousy. It is insecurity and jealousy which eat away at the thrill and excitement of sex-dating casually.

If ever you do start to feel jealous and insecure, then early on, learn to fight off the feeling! Be in control of your feelings, and don’t let them control you. After all, the dumbest thing to do would be to act like a sick, wounded puppy when you should be one, happy doggie at least for being unleashed and treated to a no-strings-attached type of goodie bag.

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