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How To Cheat At Sex Meets And Get Away With It

have-an-affair-2How easy can it be to cheat your through way through sex meets? How easily can you deceive an unsuspecting spouse and get away with a secret affair? They say it’s relatively easy, too easy in fact, when the other party – meaning, the party you’re married too – is much too dense to sense that something’s going on.

In this particular article, however, we’re not going to talk about “cheating” in terms of deceiving your spouse. Instead, we’re going to discuss “cheating” as a means of fast-tracking your way through sex meets and getting away with it.

Yes, it’s true that there’s already some deception going on in sex meets if you’re married and attached. But if you’re officially single and available, then no harm done and you’re good to go! So, for you out there, here are some tips which you’d better write down in your personal dating cheatbook:

1. If you’re meeting somebody for the first time – be it online or in person – how exactly do you pull it off? How do you achieve a successful meet-up wherein you hook up online and then meet for sex? The key is to get to know someone before you meet in person. You can never be too careful these days – that is if you want your dating days to last for years.

2. But right here and now, what about if you want to cheat your way to getting someone’s phone number or to them agreeing on a date? This, too, can be done in a manner that’s smooth and suave. It can’t be forced but it can be facilitated just by getting into a stimulating conversation.

3. In starting a conversation, never use pick up lines which sound too desperate. They place you in an awkward moment wherein a woman could choose to ignore you or walk away. Instead, begin with an opening line that allows a woman to let her guard down. This is what being “disarming” is all about.

4. Next, talk in a manner that’s smart yet casual. This means being neither too shy nor too pushy. For a start, it never hurts to say “hi” with a grin or a smile. Break the ice by frankly saying: “Hi! I noticed you from across the dance floor and I thought it would be good to come over and say hello.” From here, you can follow through by giving your name and asking for hers.

5. Once it has started, the key is to keep the conversation going. Within the first five minutes of talking to each other, you’ll have a pretty good idea on whether or not you’ll be compatible.

6. Continue to keep him or her interested. Whether you’re the one pursuing or the one being pursued, it’s time to capture their interest and keep them captivated. Especially when your sex meets start online, it’s important to sustain someone’s interest and attention.

7. Leave a lasting impact. These days, you know you’ve left some impact on a conversation when people like what you say, comment on your stories, or share their own experiences. Thus, the fastest and easiest means to cheat your way into sex meets is to be a likeable person.

8. From being properly introduced to being liked, you can then proceed to contacting and being contacted. Surely, you won’t meet eyeball to eyeball unless you’ve got each other’s phone number or email address.

Smoothly yet swiftly, see how you’ve “cheated” your way from casual conversation to a higher level of trust. But like it or not, you’ll need to brush up on some social skills before you can show your sexual prowess. With the conversation (albeit: teasing, flirting) moving along, it’s not far off that you’ll soon move to the kissing and touching part – the part you like best!

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