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7 Myths Uncovered About No Strings Sex

In debunking the myths about no strings sex, you’re in for a reality check! This dating arrangement isn’t meant those who are hooked on happily-ever-afters and fairy tale endings. It’s not for those who entertain false notions and half truths about life. But the open-ended premise is that a no-strings-attached relationship may just surprise you yet! You just might come out happier than you bargained for, if you first knew well what you were getting into.

3Myth #1: No strings sex is a no-rules relationship.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about NSA, you must understand what it means and how it works. As a first rule of engagement, it is not a real relationship but a purely sexual one. It is geared towards gratifying your needs without making promises.

Always with the possible danger of getting “carried away”, you’ve got to watch where your thoughts and feelings might go. As a general rule, keep your feelings detached and avoid falling hopelessly in love.

Myth #2: The ties grow stronger as the relationship goes longer.

Not to burst your bubble but this isn’t necessarily so. The mere fact that it’s called unconditional sex implies that there are no conditions, no expectations, and no commitments!
Because much of the communication is confined and limited to sex, don’t expect heart-to-heart talks late at night. So forget the pillow talk and find your own place to stay!

Myth #3: Sleeping together is the same as sleeping over.

Definitely, one rule of thumb most partners observe is that there’ll be no sleepovers, period. Why? Come to think of it, sleeping together fosters bonding behaviors in bed like hugging, cuddling, and yes, even spooning.

Sure. You may be asked to come over to his or her place, but you won’t necessarily be asked to sleep over. The most you can grab is a few winks. But after you’ve caught a nap, better catch on to the hint that says “Sorry, baby, but it’s time to go…”

Myth #4: You can jump into bed with anyone you fancy.

For the longest time, no strings sex has been viewed as shagging with no conditions. Nowadays, however, people are becoming more selective and discriminating in their tastes. Now spread out across different interests and age brackets, it has become part of an activity reserved for like-minded adults and this is known as adult dating.

Myth #5: All women who engage in NSA are easy.

Whereas casual sex dating used to take a back seat, it is now at the forefront of most dating behavior. In short, it has become acceptable. This is quite a contrast to the past wherein such behavior could make you notorious for a reputation of being easy or promiscuous. But then again, it never was that easy for a girl whom others could so quickly generalize as cheap and negatively brand a slut.

Myth #6: A no-strings-attached relationship assures you of protection.

On most occasions, no strings sex protects you from the dangers of having sexual relations with someone you don’t know. As a result, you feel safer and more secure. It does not give you full protection, however, from the risks of pregnancy and STD. You still have to rely on each other for protected sex, lest a period gets missed and a baby gets conceived.

Myth#7: No one gets hurt in a no-strings-attached relationship.

This is so untrue. Some friends who become sex buddies do end up snubbing and hating each other for life! So, without any illusions, your primary goal is to casually date and have fun. This goal becomes self-defeating when you go beyond the border and start wanting more. Bound to get hurt when you one-sidedly fall in love, it’s a downhill ride in which you could end up being an emotional wreck.

So, if you want to keep a no-strings-attachment relationship uphill all the way, be the first to rise and bounce back! You’ll only be in for a bumpy ride if you insist on putting more meaning to an arrangement that just is that: no strings sex.

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