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7 Facts About Casual Sex Dating That Will Impress Your Friends

In a world of sexual escapades or “sexcapades”, are you ready for encounters of the casual kind? Do you feel you’re up to it? Would you like to know more about it, enough to both influence and impress your friends?

Well, one thing that characterizes casual sex dating is casual intimacy. Simply defined, this means that you can choose to be sexually intimate with another person without feeling any love or forming an attachment. Impulses and emotions become separate from each other. For instance, there is lust on one hand, love on the other, and they don’t mingle – at least not in the bed when casual sex dating occurs.

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If you are having second thoughts about casual sex dating, then fear no more! Here are the first few things you and your friends ought to know in order to get your act together:

Fact #1: First and foremost, it’s a fact that knowledge is power. Thus, know thyself. Know your dating preference. It’s your personal choice. Would you go for a no-strings-attached type of relationship or a friends-with-benefits type of arrangement? By definition, these terms often tend to overlap with each other and they both involve casual sex.

Fact #2: Any which way you look at it, casual sex dating has already become an accepted, acceptable way of life. Thus, the next thing to do would be to figure out if you can embrace the idea of casual sex dating as a lifestyle. This may involve a lifestyle change, especially if you used to associate intimacy with exclusivity.

Fact #3: Whether you’re a man or a woman, you may feel differently about casual sex dating. Free sex is quite an enjoyable experience, but would you as an individual be prepared to go ahead with it? Are you built to emotionally endure the fact that getting involved with each other does not necessarily mean being committed exclusively to each other?

Fact #4: In the event that it happens, would you be prepared for the possibility that you might develop feelings for each other? This compromises relationships, even in the most casual of arrangements. And yet, you must come to terms with the fact that your feelings may or may not be reciprocated.

Fact #5: All things considered, when you’re good and ready, then pick out a dating site which suits your need! Usually, the option to casually sex-date is placed discreetly along a website’s side bars or columns. Sometimes, these online hook-up sites are also headlined by banners which say “Casual Sex Dates” or “Casual Sex Dating Only.” This throws the red flag up that you’re here for the sex and nothing more.

Fact #6: In line with #5, be clear about your intentions. Don’t leave the other party second-guessing whether you’re in for a commitment or not. If you’re not a commitment type of guy or gal, just be upfront and straightforward. If you’re bi, gay, or straight, come out in the open and be honest about it.

Fact #7: Once you’re in, it’s so possible to set yourself up for moments of bliss. Within minutes of logging into a dating site, you could already be interacting with people. No commitment and no promises, you are simply two people trying to get to know each other better.
At the moment, you could be dating other people but this does not pose any hindrance at all.
Ending on this note, the term “casual sex dating” will continue to be defined and redefined through time. It doesn’t end here, because who knows? Something new may come up again to redefine its meaning, and you’ll have more facts to share and discuss with your closest friends.

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