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How Low Can Casual Sex Dating Go?

casual-sex-dating-3There’s a new norm of behaving when you’re dating a partner, and it’s known as casual sex dating. It’s one that offers you more freedom when it comes to dating options. You can opt to have the pleasure of getting to know someone first before you date them, and then you can have the added pleasure of meeting up for the purpose of one and only thing: sex.

At the start, casual sex dating can be such a pleasurable experience! You may experience a sexual high over the number and variety of dates you encounter to the nth power, such that the potential to enjoy sex becomes so limitless – or so it seems…

On the downside, there are certain lows which you could encounter when you engage for long in casual sex dating. Just how low can casual sex dating go? Let’s find out!

1. Casual sex dating changes you. It can change your perception about things like love, romance, and intimacy until they’re all muddled up.

2. On the home front, it may result in conflicts between you and your family. The behavior of casual sex dating and sex meet-ups can’t help but meet the disapproval of your parents and elders.

3. Likewise, it may contradict your core values and moral beliefs. It can cause you to be ostracized by the very society or culture you belong to, with the end result that you could be considered a social outcast or pariah.

4. Casual sex dating also goes as low as your partner lying about taking a pill or using a contraceptive. Trusted as condoms are, condom breaks do happen by accident and they too can result in unprotected sex and pregnancy.

5. In line with unprotected sex, you could also contract STD from a casual partner. Casual as the relationship is, it would be difficult to trace the source or even to trace the person once communication has stopped.

6. Furthermore, just how down-in-the-dumps can it get? Well, once contact stops, you might feel like you’ve just been dumped, simply because you’ve formed an emotional attachment to a person whom you weren’t supposed to.

7. At worst, your partner could be dishonest about his or her intentions. Thus, in the end, you could feel used and abused, simply because you were led to believe one thing and you were treated differently.

8. Lower than low, casual sex dating could go beyond the norm. You (or your partner) could develop an emotional addiction to the habit or to the person. Like a drug, casual sex can be habit-forming, one that can transform into abnormal, obsessive behavior.

9. Get involved with the wrong person, and he or she could lead you on! Sex becomes the reward for good behavior. At the same time, sex can be withheld for the purpose of control or manipulation. Hot one moment and cold the next, you never really know where you stand such that you’re constantly grasping at straws.

10. Lastly, you lose your grasp on reality when you’re always on a sexual euphoria. You might lose interest in your job, in being with your family & friends, and with life in general.
These are only some of the many problems and perils that come with casual sex dating. Centered on sex which theoretically involves no emotions but nonetheless evolves into feelings, you’re still in for a lot of drama and heartache – but only if you let it go this low…

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